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Emily Marie Passos Duffy, Natalie Earnhart, Stephanie Kaylor, Aristilde Kirby, Dylan Krieger, and Shay Reynolds join forces to engage the glistening intersections of sex work and poetry. Dominate media representations have been created by those whose standpoints limit them from seeing the full realities of all who engage in sex work. Sex workers have long been pigeonholed as metaphor or muse, criminal or victim, empowered or dis-empowered through culturally influenced vectors such as media, social media, and puritanical ideologies. We are all of the above, none of the above, some of the above and then some. Between duality, and beyond. This reading features poets from all over the country and many corners of the industry. Each poet will discuss and read from recent projects, as well as discuss issues including sex worker representation, the dual nature of increasing visibility in movements for sex workers’ rights, pedagogical practices related to writings of erotic labor, affect theory, and stigmatization–as well as how these issues and subsequent resistance are made manifest in spaces dedicated to the literary arts.

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Street University