New Orleans Poetry Festival and Small Press Fair, 2022

New Orleans Poetry Festival, 2022

Mark your calendars for the week of April 18-24. 

Reserve your table at the Small Press Fair now.

Get ready for a newly organized and expanded festival. In the course of adapting the fest to our new Covid infested world, we believe we've come up with changes in venues and organization that we think will make it even more inclusive, exciting, informative, and fun. Building on what we learned in the online-only event last year, we will have more remote events this year, but we are also adding back to that mix the community and inspiration of live performance and the Small Press Fair. While some of the venues, events and performers are still being finalized, here is the plan in a nutshell (TBA's will be filled in by February 1):

  • A curated program of online events will begin April 16 with a special Lit Balm reading and continue throughout the week. These will include readings, roundtables, and workshops, as in the past, plus a few surprises. Most if not all of these events will be Zoom'd.
  • Live events (some of which may include special streamed appearances by special guests) will commence on Thursday April 21 with our first live reading, presented by Splice, at the Saturn Bar.
  • Friday April 22 at 7 PM we will host our International Feature, venue TBA.
  • Saturday April 23 at 7 PM will be our Main Event, venue TBA.
  • The Small Press Fair will run Saturday and Sunday, 23-4, from 9 to 5, venue TBA.
  • The Small Press Fair will be held in a larger, more open venue than in previous years, and instead of concurrent events running in small rooms, we will have a stage or stages set up there with a continuous program of readings and performances.
  • No admission fees will be charged. The only fees will be for the tables at the Small Press Fair. A full table will rent for $200, or a shared, half-table for $100. Tables may be reserved now at this link.
  • The new program will allow for an expanded list of individual readers and performers. If you would like to present at the festival, please fill out the proposal form, here.




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