Travis Mossotti

Travis Mossotti is the author of five collections of poetry, including About the Dead, Field Study, Narcissus Americana, Racecar Jesus* and Apocryphal Genesis* (*forthcoming 2023 and 2024). Mossotti has been the recipient of the May Swenson Poetry Award, the Miller Williams Poetry Prize, the Christopher Smart – Joan Alice Poetry Prize, the Alma Book Award and fellowships from the Regional Arts Commission and the Sustainable Arts Foundation. He has served as a Biodiversity Fellow in the Living Earth Collaborative at Washington University in St. Louis since 2018, and has also served as Poet-in-Residence at the Endangered Wolf Center since 2012.  He is a faculty member of the writing program at Webster University. He lives and works in St. Louis.

2023 Events
Subvert and Delight: Trouble-making Poems