Susana Gardner

Susana Gardner is the author of the full-length poetry collections [ lapsed insel weary]  (The Tangent Press, 2008),  HERSO (Black Radish Books, 2011) and, CADDISH, Black Radish Books, 2013. Poems from the Sea Argots (DUSIE KOLLEKTIV, 2020).  Her poetry has appeared in many online and print publications including JacketHow2Puerto Del Sol, Cambridge Literary Review and Chicago Review among others. Her work has also been translated into Icelandic, Italian and French as well as featured in several anthologies, including 131.839 slög með bilum (131,839 keystrokes with spaces) (Ntamo, Finland, 2007) NOT FOR MOTHERS ONLY: Contemporary Poems on Child-Getting and Child-Rearing (Fence Books, 2007), KINDERGARDE: Avant-garde Poems, Stories, and Songs for Children, Black Radish Books (2014) and in the CITY AND SEA Anthology from Frequency Writers, Providence. She lives on an island off the New England coast where she tends books, writes and curates the online poetics journal and experimental press, Dusie.

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Somewhere in the Cloud & Inbetween: A Reading & Dusie Kollektiv Chapbook Exchange in Tribute to Marthe Reed
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