Tanner Menard

Tanner Menard is a multi-dimensional artist whose work incorporates visual and sound poetry, ambient composition, and Kundalini Yoga. As the visionary behind UBU University, Tanner is the lead teacher and founder of an online coaching milieu fostering artistic creativity and human evolution. Tanner has released twelve experimental music albums, a chapbook, and an impending contrapuntal visual and sound poetry project, 'The Poet' on Post-Asemic Press and Full Spectrum Records. Tanner's artistic output is both diverse and prolific. Currently immersed in a Ph.D. in Creative Writing at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, he is also an avid explorer of cultural futurism, previously serving the Atakapa Ishak Nation as a tribal council member. Tanner aims to bridge ancient wisdom with modern philosophical dialogues, casting a syncretic vision towards a post-polar unity. His journey reflects a profound commitment to exploring a collective consciousness and fostering a future of harmonious coexistence.

2024 Events
Resonant Visions: A Fusion of Visual Poetry and Sonification