From utopian movements to doomsday cults, the American landscape is a fertile ecosystem of religious extremisms that continue to define and divide us. This performance showcases the work of three poets who came of age in unconventional and immersive religious environments. Rodney Jones was raised in a non-denominational sect of Christianity that practiced faith healing, in a town where "every church had something strange about it, from snake handlers to foot washers." Kathleen Balma spent early adolescence in a fundamentalist Christian group home that banned secular culture, welcomed the total destruction of the environment, and practiced Gay conversion therapy. Sarah Colón grew up in a New Age cult that promoted reading and education while preparing for an impending nuclear disaster. As extreme polarization and cult thinking become increasingly normalized in the United States and the world, these poets invite you to consider both the unique challenges and the unexpected creative benefits of life in a radical religion you didn't choose. All three poets will read selections of new or forthcoming work, followed by a Q&A session.

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