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This reading panel consists of four poets whose own work has been shaped by their practice as translators. The languages they translate from are Russian, Bulgarian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Portuñol, Galician, German, Polish, and Norwegian. Each poet will read their own original work along with one piece they translated that is somehow related to their own work. Though there need not be any causal connection between the translated piece and the work of the poet, each poet will briefly elucidate the nature of the relationship. This relationship can be causal: in which case the reader will briefly elucidate how translating the work affected their own poetry, or how their own poetry somehow made cognizable (understandable, interpretable) to them the work that was translated. Likewise, this relationship might simply be mimetic: in which case the poet will briefly elucidate the nature of the similarities (whether in content or form) between their own work and the original work they translated. In all four cases, we hope to showcase some of the rich aesthetic and sometimes political and philosophical connections that can manifest between translations and the original works of the translators. 

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Suite 300A, New Orleans Healing Center, 2372 St Claude Ave