Indran Amirthanayagam

Indran Amirthanayagam is a multi-lingual poet, editor and publisher with 24 books published to date. These include the Paterson Prize-winning The Elephants of Reckoning, Blue Window (Ventana Azul), Ten Thousand Steps Against the Tyrant, The Splintered Face: Tsunami Poems, and Uncivil War. His latest in Spanish is Isleno, ,in French Sur l'ile nostalgique, and in Haitian Creole, Powet Nan Po A (Poet of the Port), Madhat Press, 2023.  Amirthanayagam has received fellowships from the New York Council on the Arts, the Foundation for the Arts, the U.S./Mexico Fund for Culture and the Macdowell Colony. His poem Juarez won the 2005 Juegos Florales of Guaymas, Sonora. Amirthanayagam was invited to the Princeton Poetry Festival in October 2019. His translations of Mexican poet Manuel Ulacia have been published by Dialogos Books in Origami: Selected Poems of Manuel Ulacia. Amirthanayagam writes a blog on poetry and the arts at He writes poems every week for El Acento (based in the Dominican Republic) and Haiti En Marche (Haiti).  He tweets @indranmx. He runs "The Poetry Channel" on youtube. He is a publisher at Beltway Editions ( Amirthanayagam received the IFLAC World Poet/Poeta Mundial award in 2022. 

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