What topics and forms are deemed “poetic,” and what gets to become a poem? Formal or free verse, every text has the capacity to rupture familiar structures or elevate mundane objects. As poet Michele Battiste told Gulf Coast magazine, “Poetry bears witness. History is best documented not by scholars or journalists or writers of textbooks, but by poets and artists in all of our enraged or fascinated or seduced subjectivities.” What can the everyday tell us about history, about witness? Six poets share works that prioritize hybridity (of forms, of topics, of ideologies) and explore the so-called “lowbrow” and the quotidian—whether through pop culture, mundane experiences, familiar stories and myths, or found texts. Group reading featuring Stacey Balkun, Joshua Nguyen, Ellie Black, Maggie Graber, Lenna Mendoza, Marina Greenfeld


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