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After many years of mindless scrolling through social media, poet Kenneth Francis Pearson, author of Catching Mist in the Rain, had an awakening after landing on an Instagram Feed post portraying the beauty of nature. Already in the process of writing his current book, he found a new outlet to assist in heightening his senses and connection with nature.

He is now excited to present: The Instagram Haiku: Blending Haiku & Social Media to Connect with Nature. This presentation is an interactive workshop intended for adults ages 16+ with an intermediate writing level. The workshop will focus on developing an awareness of nature through social media and how to engage our senses through experience and imagination. Haiku will be presented in the traditional seventeen syllables format.

After a brief presentation, participants will be prompted to begin writing a haiku based on their exposure to an Instagram Feed post. The Instagram Feed post will be carefully selected by the presenter. Participants will then work to create a haiku using this prompt based on their visual and auditory perceptions and imagining other senses based on their personal experiences.

Participants can expect to consider haiku and how they can be inspired by scrolling through social media.

The Instagram Haiku Promotional Flyer