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Post-pandemic, post-Roe, post-Trump writing holds a different weight than writing in “the before times.” Writing trauma presents serious challenges. This facilitated discussion hopes to offer connection and community for poets and other creative writers who are working on pieces that center trauma and/or disability. All are welcome to join the discussion: disabled writers, writers who are caretakers, writers who are experiencing or have experienced trauma, and writers who want to offer support. Katherine and Ashley will open the discussion with a reading and brief introductions of guidelines and concepts, and will invite participants to respond to a series of prompts either verbally or in writing. Those who wish to share will be invited to do so, and the discussion will be allowed to flow naturally, with gentle guidance. At the end of the discussion, writers will be invited to connect outside of the discussion via email. 


A note: the voices of queer people, people of the global majority, and disabled people will take center stage in this workshop.