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Kinship of Rivers is an international river project that brings rivers and mountains together through poetry, art, music in the form of river flags. Thousands of flags have been made by the people along the rivers: the Mississippi, Yangtze, Amazon, Nile, Ganges, and others, with the pledge for clean water, soil and air on earth. These flags have traveled around the world, all the way to Mounts Everest and Kilimanjaro, blessed by rivers and mountains and communities. The flags follow the tradition of Tibetan prayer flags. Each time the wind blows, the flags will release a prayer into the air.
Flags will be on display in the Small Press Fair, and at the Kinship of Rivers table you may make your own prayer with your wishes for our earth. Your flag will join the rest of the poetry flags for their next journey, which will be along the Ohio, Cleveland, and Rhine rivers. Curated by Wang Ping, Founder and Director of Kinship of Rivers, www.kinshipofrivers.org


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New Orleans Healing Center Main Hall