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This workshop will challenge the imagination. As a group, we will discuss the pros and cons of the nDada style of poetry, and each of us will create a poem or poems in the nDada style. nDada is a combination of a cartoon (perhaps absurd or unconventional) and a poem. The two are entirely unrelated, and often come together by pure, surrealist, chance. The cartoon is done by hand, while the poem is written with a typed font (digital or manual). The cartoon interrupts the poem and reorients the reader’s point of view. Participants do not need to think of themselves as “good” artists or writers. The purpose of this workshop isn’t to create works of genius, but rather to use the nDada process to open the imagination, and thereby allow participants to enjoy a moment of distinctive creativity. Because nDada relies to some degree on chance, there are always surprises, which can lead to interesting conversation. Our purpose is to create an exercise that will take us out of our comfort zone, and  enhance our creativity by facing us with the unexpected. Poems created at the workshop will (by permission) be added to our Endless Chapbook at nDadaPublic.org, and may be included in our printed anthology of nDada poems, “An Anthology of LOOK AT THIS COVER nDada Poetry”, edited by Whiskey Radish and Meinzer

“To write nDada is to play with absurdity -- but in the end, the absurdity plays with you.” David Chen, poetry student, Harvard University ‘24

nDada sample by Whiskey Radish
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Suite 250, New Orleans Healing Center, 2372 St Claude Ave