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This event will focus on several innovative women working in Intermedia and Visual Poetry. Visual Poetry is expanding at a great pace. Groups such as the Women Asemic Artists and Visual Poets have garnered strenth in numbers and visibility in the visual poetry communities. Three visions of current visual poetry will be presented and discussed. Kristine Snodgrass will cover glitching, including her own work with the body, gender, and error. Terri Carrion will also discuss glitching and ecology, Karla Van Vliet will present asemic writing through her work and practice, and Maria Damon will discuss the use of textiles, including process and product. In addition, Susana Garnder of Dusie Press will represent publishing of visual poetry with the presses new book, GLITCHY WOMYN: AN ANTHOLOGY. We will engage the audience with examples and processes now being used in Intermedia.

Starting Date/Time
Suite 300A, New Orleans Healing Center, 2372 St Claude Ave