Kenning JP García

Kenning JP García is a diarist, humorist, and antipoet. García is also the author of With (Really Serious Literature) as well as an editor at Rigorous and Dream Pop Press. 

2018 Events
Words of Revolution: The creation of a literary journal as social movement
Mixed Race/Mixed Genre: the traditions of multiracial writing
2019 Events
Before and Beyond Garcia-Lorca: Jewish and Islamic Latinx Poets on the Roots of Spanish Poetry and Its Influence on Contemporary Latinx Poetry
Epic: An Exploration of the Long Poem
2021 Events
The Hyper-Poetics of the Visual Narrative
The Transgressive Spirit of Jewish Poetics
2022 Events
Form and Discontent, Vol. 3: “Underworlds, Inner Worlds, and Other Worlds”
Mystical Realism and the Poetics of the Moment: A Workshop
Unlikely Stories
Form and Discontent: A Reading
2023 Events
Midrash: Jewish poetics in a strange land
Form and Discontent, Vol 4: "The Politics of Poetics"
2024 Events
Form and Discontent, Vol. 5: “The Sound of Prose”
An Unlikely Stories Reading