Kamikaze Jones

Kamikaze Jones is a writer, curator, and interdisciplinary artist whose work often explores extended vocal technique, queer hauntologies, and ritualized erotic transcendence. His recent practice has been focused on cultivating both sonic and sculptural sanctuary for the ghosts of public sex. A 2021 Wave Farm Artist-In-Residence, his work has been featured by The Poetry Project, Wussy Magazine, Montez Press Radio, Third Coast International Audio Festival, Constellations, and Nightboat Resonance. He is a co-founder of The Anchoress Syndicate, a poetry and performance collective that produces My Smutty Valentine, an annual event that foregrounds queer excess, play, and mutual aid.

2022 Events
hOle theOry: Ellipses, Omissions, and Ontological Parasites in Contemporary Queer Poetics