Kevin A. Evans

Kevin Addison Evans was born early in 1982 to Sharon and Arthur Evans originally of Columbus, Mississippi. Kevin is the youngest of four children, and due to his father’s enrollment in the US Air Force he is the only member of his immediate family not to be born in the state of Mississippi. He was born on Williams Air Force Base in Maricopa County, AZ. The week of his birth the family relocated to Clarke County, Nevada; where Kevin’s earliest memories occurred. It was in the third grade in Austin, TX when Kevin began writing creatively ( mostly horror and detective stories). He would often times bring stacks of handwritten stories into English class, and happened to have a teacher gracious enough to read aloud at least one story at the end of the class from time to time. Henceforth, Kevin always found ways to privately or not so privately express himself and eventually as a teenager began performing his own words in front of audiences. In 1997 as a freshman at Asheville High school Kevin joined an after school program called Project STEAM (Success Through Education And Motivation) founded by Christopher Tunstall. In this program he learned how to break out of his social shell a bit more and had opportunities via workshops to write and perform, with his earlier work featured along side some of his cohorts in a collection entitled Read Our Stories We Dare You. Kevin surprised even himself when he found a natural affinity for spoken word performance. One of his earliest supporters of his craft happened to be the poet, performer and educator Glenis Redmond. It was with the encouragement and tutelage of Ms. Redmond that Kevin found the courage to begin to bash his on stage bashfulness, performing at the Diana Wortham Theater initially with a group. In recent times Kevin has been a part of The Poetry Cabaret, Asheville Slam, and most currently Black Diamond Group with Penny Meacham. In 2019 he has had the fortune of hosting his own workshop during WordFest on the topic of Passion and Intention as it relates to the written and spoken word . Also in 2019 Kevin was on a North Carolina Writers network panel with Alli Marshall and Lockie Hunter in which they discussed ‘writing outloud’. He is willing to attempt to write anything that can be written or communicated, but is most likely to be seen or heard on stage rather than extensively in print.

2024 Events
Filipino/African American Versers: Poetry to Support a Community