Cornelius Eady Trio

National Book Award winner and Pulitzer prize nominated poet Cornelius Eady has set his poetry to song with the Cornelius Eady Trio. Eady's songs tell the story of passing time, the Black American experience and the blues in the style of Folk & Americana music. Guitarists Charlie Rauh & Lisa Liu join Eady to create layered and graceful arrangements to bolster Eady's adept craftsmanship as a songwriter, lyricist, & poet.

About their music, author Rick Moody has written:

"The Cornelius Eady Trio, with its rangy stew of influences—British folk, country blues, spiritual jazz, soul, spoken word—represents something really new in contemporary music, a return to a time when lyricism and the old purpose of American poetry were at the center of American songwriting.”

Cornelius Eady Trio has performed at Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, the Big Ears Festival, the Brooklyn Folk Festival and Hill-Stead Museum and recorded at Sun Studio in Memphis, TN. Their release, “Don’t Get Dead; pandemic Folk Songs” was released on June Appal Recordings in November, 2021, and they just released an EP, "Withstand" (Bandcamp)

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