A poetry reading that would center around the poetry of location, of place, and how it is transformed, articulated, and experienced as queers, as a theme. Antonio Addessi would introduce the poets and we would be reading 3-4 poems each. All together 4 poets—Antonio, and local New Orleanian poets Daniel W.K. Lee, Z'étoile Imma, and Brad Richard. We then would like to follow the reading with a panel discussion moderated by Antonio discussing with the poets about their experience of being queer and being a part of the New Orleans community. Some of the topics we will explore is inspiration for writing, the writing process and how New Orleans herself has impacted their writing. In essence, we would explore writer Nick Spitzer’s articulation of “creolization,” that is, the conjoining of “multiple sources in new identities and expressions, continuously co-mingling and adapting traditions in ways that link the local, regional, and global.”

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