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Does the world really need another sestina? Instead of just writing a new poem, wouldn’t it be great to create a whole new form or modality? In a workshop led by Christopher Shipman and Brett Evans, the poets discuss the practice of Versus-Verses poems, a new modality that by its nature attempts to dispel the impulse toward meaning-making in favor of the joy of creating, leaves the poets with zesty list poems of sorts for further poetic alchemy, and is just good fun in and of itself. 

In a simple example, a line of a Versus-Verses poem could be "Fight Club v. Fan Club".

The workshop will include the lead poets sharing some Versus-Verses with half of the items filled in, and half blank. This is the "training wheels" part of the group practice, as the assembled fill in their sheets, which are then compared, letting the bold share and the bashful remain bashful if need be. After a hearty go-round of this practice, we do another, and perhaps a third. Then we move to the final stage: The Blank Page—made less terrifying by suggested 'themes' to give a compass point. 

Versus-Verses is an alluring and supple new poetic form. Who doesn't want to embark on a whole new type of poem? One that both beginners and seasoned practitioners will enjoy, either as collaborative generation or for solo art.

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Suite 224, New Orleans Healing Center, 2372 St Claude Ave