This roundtable will feature a discussion and readings by three Louisiana-based poets who engage ecopoetics through different modes and lenses. Each poet will discuss and read from recent projects, highlighting the ecopoetical intersections with their other concerns as poets, humans, and readers. 

Olivia Muenz is a disabled writer whose forthcoming chapbook Where Was I Again (Essay Press) considers the relationship between disability and environment. She’ll discuss embodiment, the social and medical models of disability, and the cyborg (among other things) and their positions within ecopoetics.

ava hofmann is a poet, writer, and visual artist, whose experimental and multimodal work concerns itself with trans/queer history, Marxism, and the frustrated desire inherent to encounters with the literary archive.

Ian Lockaby is a poet and translator, based in New Orleans. His translation of the innovative ecopoetical text Gardens, by Chilean poet, Carlos Cociña was published last year by Cardboard House Press. He’ll discuss how translation can be thought about through an ecological lens, and will read some of his translations, alongside his own work.



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