Guerillaista Publishing: Activism Through Libritos & Broadside Posters

Throughout the histories of social resistance movements, chapbooks and broadside posters have been utilized as vehicles for distributing their political and revolutionary writings that were too “dangerous” for traditional publications. Throughout Chicanx/Indigenous/African American/ and countercultural movements, these forms of publications became the publishing
source for their philosophies and writings. These guerilla publishing ventures promote grassroots literacies that effect social change. Poets, writers, and artists have utilized these economic forms of publications to promote their own work as well as create compilations such as zines like El Retorno. Currently, in the digitally dominant and social media saturated world, the chapbook and broadside posters are still popular amongst poets and artists. This workshop explores the art of libritos (chapbooks) and broadside posters as guerilla activism in the new millennium. In this workshop we will work on the art form of making cheap publications as a space to resist traditional forms of publishing by incorporating traditional paper-based
chapbook creation techniques with the new free digital tools available today.

This workshop will be a hands on workshop where participants will have a chance to make a quick & easy chapbook and a broadside, so brining previously written work is strongly encouraged with a flashdrive or your laptop or iPad to transfer to our equipment for printing. We will bring our own laptop and printer for the participants.

Led by Christopher Carmona and Isaac Chevarria

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