Black Radish Books Presents Poetry of Ghosts, Machines, Courtesans, and Sgraffito Permutations

Black Radish Books will present four poets featuring their new collections from the press. Carrie Hunter will read from Orphan Machines,“a kind of cyborgian theater where ideology is brilliantly dismantled to unmask the real. With each startling construction...she discovers a form of liberation." (Kit Robinson). Marci Nelligan reads The Ghost Manada, “a book of insistent absence… . an intertext of experimental lyrics speaking to and through Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian and the spirit of Emily Dickinson. (Thomas Devaney). Mg Roberts’ Anemal, Uter Meck, taking impetus from Oakland graffiti art and artists, re-contextualizes the poet’s art and language within the transgressive, urban, and public temper of graffiti, multiplicity and profusion its genetic code. Angela Veronica Wong will read from elsa, a collection of sonnets centered on the life of a fictional 18th century French demimondaine/courtesan and mistress of Louis XV, its narrative
precipitously swerving between Elsa and the speaker, across the language’s own pressures into and against narrative, assaying gender, class, and sexuality.

With Carrie Hunter, Marci Nelligan Mg Roberts, Angela Veronica Wong and Marthe Reed


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New Orleans Healing Center Rooftop Room